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Babysitter Safety Courses In Madison, Wisconsin

Submitted by on June 9, 2009 – 1:23 pm
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babycourseI came across some babysitter safety courses here in Madison, Wisconsin, recently and really had no idea we had them to offer here in the area.  I guess common sense would have told me we do but I never really thought about it.  My daughter is now 11 and is talking about wanting to babysit and make some money.  The first thing that came to mind was to tell her to forget it because I did not want her responsible for someone else’s children and we would find another way for her to earn money.

I was talking to my neighbor about it because I remembered that her daughter had started doing some babysitting.  She was the one that brought it to my attention that there were babysitter safety courses and said her child had gone to one and she planned on sending her every year.  The neighbor said she wouldn’t have hired anyone to babysit that hadn’t had that course to watch her children so she certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to want her daughter to watch their kids if she hadn’t taken the course.  It made sense.

She told me that there was an organization called Safe Sitter that the Mayo Clinic teamed up with.  This course teaches the sitter how to keep the kids safe that they are caring for.  To find out more details about this course, read about it on their web site.  I thought it was interesting that the program was started by a pediatrician who saw the need for babysitting training after a child she knew died while in the care of a babysitter.  There are also some Red Cross organizations that offer these courses too!

When I told my daughter about this she was so happy and was excited about taking this course.  She told me that secretly she had worried about what she would do if something bad happened when she was babysitting some kids.  I told her that if she takes this course and knows everything she can about safety with children and what she should do in certain situations, that there was nothing to worry about because she was as prepared as she could be.

For any other local information that you are interested in, see the site at www.directoryofmadison.com.

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  • Kayla says:

    hello i am 10 and i wanted to sign up but i do not know how

  • Jeff says:

    Kayla, did you try the link that’s in the post? If you are having problems with that, maybe check with someone that can help you get to the site that has the information. If you can’t find someone to help you, write again and I can send you instructions on how to get there. Thanks!

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